Never clean your roof again



Imagine never cleaning your roof again. Sound impossible? It’s not, thanks to Roof-A-Cide. This special solution not only cleans your roof, but creates a protective shield against further damage. For over 20 years, the staff at Roof Treatment Inc. has been using this 100 percent copper-based algaecide/fungicide to clean roofs on condos, private homes, businesses and more. This is the only solution of its kind that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. It will get rid of mold and algae for two years guaranteed, where other chemicals, like Chlorine, only last six to 12 months. Chlorine also has been known to leave behind a salt residue that accelerates mold growth, leaving the homeowner having to clean the roof sooner rather than later.

Mold leads to wood rot and mold spores can be sucked into the air conditioner and cause health problems. Depending on the amount and type of the mold, it can lead to respiratory problems, headaches and worse, and can affect both humans and pets. Eliminating it is not always an easy task. It takes a trained professional and the right type of product to do the job.

But overdoing the “solution” can be even worse. Repeated cleanings of your roof can just lead to more trouble. Many people replace their roofs every 12 to 15 years, not because the roofs have that shelf-life, but because they have been damaged by growing algae or from incorrect cleaning. This is an unwanted expense that can be avoided.

What is worse is that the chemicals often used not only can cause problems with the roof, but also harm surrounding landscaping and can be toxic. Roof Treatment, Inc., run by brother and sister team Frank and Christina Miele, is very aware of these issues. They use Roof-A-Cide because it not only is safe for nearby grass, plants, bushes, trees, pets and people, it also will also save homeowners money by utilizing less water – 30 gallons, rather than 1800 gallons on average.


Speaking of saving money, did you know that those dark stains on the roof actually act like a sponge to absorb the sun’s rays and end up increasing the temperature in the home. This means turning up the A/C even more on those hot days and raising your electric bill.

But just going to any house cleaning company is not the answer. Many companies don’t have experience when it comes to cleaning roofs. They may even be using your house as a guinea pig. Their trial and error may cost you in the long run. Too much pressure and too harsh chemicals can end up causing cracks or even lead to pieces of the roof coming off. Talk about going from bad to worse!

With Roof-A-Cide, the process is simple. On most roofs, their professional staff will start with “Roof Restore,” a special detergent, and will use a low pressure hose to wash it clean.

Next, they will apply Roof-A-Cide. They are able to use the product effectively on shingles, tiles, stone coated steel and slate. The product is backed by every major roof manufacturer as an approved method to prevent roof stains for years with each treatment.

The Mieles are so sure of their product that they offer a two-year warranty against mold. “The treatment,” they say, “is the cure.”

“We have the best product on the market. We preserve roofs; we don’t destroy roofs!” says Christina Miele.

If you have black streaks or stains on your roof, using this process can make it look like new, which can increase your property value. This is especially important for homeowners looking to sell their home, but also for those looking to maintain it.

Customer Johnny B. says, “My roof looks better than when it was new. [I am] very happy I had it done.”

This licensed and insured company also offers pressure washing for decks, driveways, and residential and commercial properties. They say that maintaining a clean property decreases costs by 75 percent. After all, unmaintained homes can lead to disrepair, which can be much more costly than keeping it clean in the first place. They even seal pavers, which not only protects, but also brings out the natural colors of the material being sealed. This is similar to the phenomenon with roof cleaning. A roof can magically go from black to light gray, for example, all with a simple cleaning.

Not sure if your roof needs a cleaning? Call Roof Treatment, Inc. at 954-275-1831 and get a free quote. They are located at 2045 SW 127th Avenue in Davie and work throughout Broward County. For more information, visit


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