Joseph Buchino – The King of Restoration

Restoration_One_rc2017_fpDid you know…  Rather than using your savings to fix damages to your property caused by plumbing, A/C or roof accidents, you may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

Restoration 1 provides high value and will properly evaluate the costs of your work to secure the coverage you deserve from insurance companies. Restoration 1 charges competitive rates that will not create problems or legal issues with your insurance company.  If you are paying out of pocket, you can be sure of getting a fair rate and high quality service.

Restoration 1 of Parkland is the premier expert in south Florida and will help you restore your home to better than new conditions.  DO NOT be misled by adjusters and contractors working for the insurance company. They are NOT on your side, we are!
Residential properties, all the way to commercial/industrial properties, Restoration 1 of Parkland has you covered. Even if you are not sure if you should call us, CALL US! We work for you and not the insurance company. Call today for a FREE INSPECTION!
Call 1.954.592.3905 or e-mail


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