Greetings from South Florida

Welcome to City News Magazine and Boca’s Best Magazine on-line.  These magazines have ended publication with the January 2018 issues.  The OUR CITY Magazine group will be taking advantage of this situation to bring their magazines to our three markets.  Since the magazine formats are very similar, for readers and advertisers it will really just be a name change.  We want to thank all of the great businesses that have sponsored our magazines over the years and we are very pleased that OUR CITY will be offering you even more opportunity for promotion through their large group of magazines.

SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR LINKS TO DOWNLOAD DIGITAL EDITIONS OF THIS MONTH’S MAGAZINES  (For ARCHIVE issues of all of City News and Boca’s Best magazines for the last few years, visit

DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED.  The OUR CITY magazines are distributed free of charge to the general public with over 60,000 copies mailed monthly through the U.S. Post Office to area residents and businesses.  The magazines provide information on local events, organizations and businesses with the intent of being a positive voice celebrating the great people and endeavors that make our communities thrive.

Additionally, copies will be available every month for free pick-up at many locations such as Dyan’s Country Kitchen in Coral Springs.

For information on advertising sales and sponsorships for the OUR CITY Magazines, please contact John A. Brodie – or call (954) 661-4257.

Download links for final editions of City News and Boca’s Best can be found on the Facebook pages – click below.

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 For ARCHIVE issues of all of our magazines for the last few years, visit

Print advertising identifies YOUR BRAND as the RIGHT CHOICE.  

Brand selection is all about “name” recognition.  When a search is done on the internet, the brand with the best name recognition will be the one most selected.  Print points buyers in the right direction; it does not give them the unlimited open-ended options they will find on the internet.  City News and Boca’s Best showcase your brand in a positive, uncluttered environment allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Vanity Fair Editor, Graydon Carter recently commented, “…(there was) a crunch on the advertising market as advertisers discovered the internet. But I think that is a false economy or false direction for them because basically nothing sells a product better than a beautiful page in a magazine. It creates demand for that product. The internet helps you buy that product. They’re different functions”. 

Below there is a link to a Business Section with local deals and special offers. 

Scroll Down the Page… The balance of the page includes numerous articles from our magazine listed chronologically as posted.  A SEARCH tool can be found on the left for key word searches.


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